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I currently offer psychedelic integration coaching to those who have already had psychedelic experiences that you wish to more deeply understand and integrate into your life.  Additionally, I realize that many people are seeking psychedelic experiences for a wide range of reasons from personal healing to transpersonal and spiritual connection, exploration, and development. I work with your individual needs to guide the transformation and insights that you are seeking.

Also, although I do not advocate for the illegal use of psychedelic medicines outside of a professional setting or indigenous ceremony, I come from a Harm Reduction model and realize that many people with varying levels of psychedelic experience and expectations are using or plan to use psychedelic medicines outside of these settings. This can sometimes result in adverse experiences or outcomes that could have been prevented or minimized with proper preparation.  Moreover, preparation can optimize your experience and outcome.  As I was taught, "Integration begins in Preparation." For such individuals, I can offer psychedelic preparation coaching to help you to identify your intentions and goals to get the most out of your journey. 

If you have a legal prescription for a psychedelic or psychedelic-like medicine (such as ketamine, psilocybin, or cannabis) or live in an area in which these medicines are legal, I can work with you remotely as a guide for your journey.   

My work is based on the protocols used by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in their MDMA-assisted psychotherapy clinical research, and Sage Institute's ketamine-assisted therapy training.  Thus, ideally, our work together would include at least 3 Preparatory Sessions before your medicine journey and at least 2 Integration Sessions after or between your medicine journeys. Preparatory Sessions provide a safe space for our professional relationship to develop, to set intentions and discuss what you might expect on your journey, to provide education, as needed, and to address any concerns or fears you might have.  Integration Sessions offer a space to help you explore more deeply the meaning of your psychedelic experiences and any insights or difficulties you might have had during or after your journey, and identify ways that you can integrate your insights into your life. However, we can discuss your individual needs and how you wish to be supported. I offer individual sessions and packages tailored to your needs.  

My profile can be viewed on the MAPS Psychedelic Integration providers list:

*I only work with clients 18 years of age or older.

All services are HIPAA compliant and confidential. 

Contact me today to schedule a consultation and book an appointment!   ​

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